Trying To Figure Out What Exercises Are Appropriate For You Is Hard.

You Deserve To Know The Truth About Exercise, & TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BODY.

-Are You FRUSTRATED With All The Generic Exercise Plans Online? -Does All The Information On The Internet CONFUSE You? -Do You Feel LOST Because You Can't Get Rid Of UnWanted Sensations, & Pains? If This Is YOU You're In The Right Place. MMX Training Systems Was Created With YOU In Mind. CUSTOM Designed Exercise, Online! Learn To Be A Self Explorer, & TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BODY.

We Understand Your Frustration

Are You Tired Of Exercise Protocols That Promise Quick Fixes But Deliver Nothing? Do You Need Help With Exercise, & Pain? Are You Confused About What To Do With All The Different Information Online? You Deserve To Know The Truth About Exercise, & Learn To Be A Self Explorer.

We Just Don't Care About Exercise. WE CARE ABOUT YOU.

Let Us Guide You

Featured On ESPN Radio...I've Spent The Last 23 Years Guiding People On How To Get Out Of Pain & Take Back Their Lives. Join The 1000's Of Clients Who Have Changed The Way They Move & Feel. I've Helped 1000's Of Fitness Enthusiasts, & JiuJitsu Athletes Save Time, Energy, & Money By Choosing The Right Exercises For Them Since 96'...TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BODY.

It's Not Too Late To Live a Healthy, & Eventful Life...


“Most online exercise programs are confusing, generic in nature, & based on fads...At MMX Training Systems we have created an online platform of fully customizable, science based, easy to follow training systems. Resulting in less confusion, improved movement, decreased pain, & a higher quality of life!”
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What We Do

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You Can Start Moving, Performing, & Feeling Better!

Follow These 3 Simple Steps

  • #1. Buy a Training System

    Choose Which System Is Most Appropriate For You & Your Needs/Goals. Then I Will Personally Reach Out To You To Answer Any Questions You May Have.

  • #2. Learn About Your Body

    Once You Start Watching & Going Through Your System You'll Begin To Discover How Your Specific Body Moves, Feels, & Performs.

  • #3. Start Moving, Performing, & Feeling Better

    Be Your Own Self Explorer. Start To Really Understand Your Body & What It Needs. Eliminate Confusion, Decrease, Pain, Improve Your Movement, & Start Performing At A Higher Level. Basically...Start Reaching Your Specific Goals!

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MMX Custom Online Assessment Process

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MMX Custom Online Assessment Process

Solving Movement & Pain Problems Others Can't

  • Thorough Health History Questionnaire

  • Exercise Specific WorkSheets To Track Your Specific Findings

  • SARS System CheckPoint Readiness Screen

  • Joint by Joint Range of Motion Assessment

  • MultiJoint MoveMent Assessment

  • Strength & Endurance Muscular System Assessment

  • 30 Day Exclusive Access To Dominick Nusdeu & The MMX Exercise Library

  • Exclusive Discounted Access To The MMX Exercise Education Academy & Video Library

  • Please Email Me With Any Questions At In Bio

Intelligent Exercise

Let Us Guide You In Your Exercise Journey

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MMX JiuJitsu Promo

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What's Inside The MMX JiuJitsu Exercise Process

Let Us Guide You

  • System Readiness Assessment

  • JiuJitsu Specific Warm-Up

  • Spinal Health Section

  • JiuJitsu Specific Range Of Assessment

  • Kinematic Configuration Section

  • JiuJitsu Specific Movement Assessment

  • JiuJitsu Specific Strength/Endurance Exercises

  • JiuJitsu Specific Exercises & How They Correlate

  • Strength Exercises with Specific Modes of Contractions For JiuJitsu

  • Bonus Material on Energy System Training, The SAID Principal, Exercise Variables, & a PDF on Programming.

Intelligent Exercise

Improve Your Body’s Ability To Handle The Demands Of JiuJitsu

Professional Services

Here's A Brief Description Of What We Offer @ MMX Training Systems

  • 1. Customized Assessment & Full Exercise Prescription Plan

  • 2. JiuJitsu Exercise Process (Packed w/ 208 Videos Plus Bonus Content

  • 3. À la Cart Exercise Systems...You Tell Me Specifically What You’re Trying To Achieve & I’ll Create A “System” (5 Exercises) For You. (Example...”Bigger Glutes”, “Stronger Back”, Etc....) Email For Details & Pricing. Email in Bio Below

  • 4. Coming Soon...The MMX Movement System. (Still In Research To Give You The Best & Most Accurate Information Currently Available)

Stop Waiting!

Start Improving The Way You Feel Today.

Our Customers No Longer Struggle With...

These Common Frustrating Issues

  • Confusion

    Stop following generic exercise plans online. They are cookie cutter and not specifically for you, your body, or your needs. Our enemy is exercise protocols promising quick fixes. Learn to be a Self Explorer. Allow us to provide you with a thorough Customizable Training System. Scroll down to see our professional services section. You'll love it.

  • Pain

    I Know Pain, Discomfort, Tightness, & UnWanted Sensations can be Extremely Depressing. One of the keys in helping to eliminate these things is exercise. Typically not just any exercise, but rather Appropriately Dosed, Custom Exercise. That's Our Mission & what you're getting no matter what system you choose.

  • Time

    Trying to sift through all the misinformation regarding exercise online can be exhausting and a complete waste of your time. Our Easy to Follow, Science Based, Customizable Training Systems will Save you Time and Energy. Be your own Exercise Advocate...Learn to Self Explore!

Success Stories

“ I had been suffering from back and neck pain for 8 months. I tried physical therapy and saw a chiropractor for months. I had also seen an orthopedist who after looking at my x-rays couldn't determine the cause of the problems. It wasn't until I started working with Dom that I obtained relief from my problems. My husband suggested it to me. I saw that it was helping my husband and, not knowing what else to try, I decided to give it a shot. I'm so glad that I did! My muscles are stronger and I rarely get the headaches anymore. The best news is that after a year of not exercising, I have started to work out again! Dom is very knowledgeable about how the body works and confident in his approach. He really listened to my description of my problems and really cared about helping me feel better. He is very pleasant and fun to work with, and I always feel good after our sessions. I will always be grateful to Dom for helping me feel better and be able to participate more in my life. ”

Judy Kaplan

“I highly recommend Dominick Nusdeu and MMX. I am a professional violist, and for most of my 30 years of performing and practicing, I have experienced chronic pain. Recently, I thought that I was going to have to give up playing because of a pinched nerve in my neck. Chiropractics and massage helped somewhat, but Dominick completely relieved this problem and other issues as well. In my opinion, it's a miracle! Dominick's incredible precision gives me instant and sustainable results. I now practice for hours and perform virtually without pain or discomfort. ”

Sue Corey-Sahlin

“Just had my 5th session with Dominick today and i’m already seeing outstanding results! After each session I feel a little bit more whole, a lot stronger, and more like a normal person. I am now walking an extraordinary amount which I was never able to do without pain, swimming, hiking with my son and enjoying life again. I really cannot thank Dominick enough. I highly, highly recommend him! ”

Cassie G
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Your Guide

"ReImagine Exercise"

Dominick Nusdeu


Founder Dominick Nusdeu studied Exercise Science with Minors in Nutrition and Public Health at Southern Connecticut State University.  He holds the distinction of Muscle System Specialist, Formally a Resistance Training Specialist, ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, as well formally being one of only 14 Instructors of Muscle Activation Techniques worldwide. In addition, he was the Director and Lead Instructor for The National Personal Training Institute in Cleveland, Ohio where he taught potential trainers to be trainers. He taught the essential knowledge that is required to be a top exercise professional, including physics, biomechanics, exercise mechanics, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, exercise prescription, assessment, decision making, nutrition, and business development.
He currently owns and operates MotionMechanix, MMX Exercise Education Academy, & MMX Training Systems. He has been certified as a personal trainer for over 20 +years. Dominick teaches his highly successful course, Decision Making 101 – From the Table to the Floor to trainers all over North America.
Dominick has completed well over 2,000 hours of advanced course work in biomechanics, exercise mechanics, neuroscience, anatomy, physiology, decision making, and muscle function. He has appeared on ESPN radio as well as written several articles about exercise mechanics.
 Equally impressive, he is also a third degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt, 15x North American Grappling Association (NAGA) Champion, 2x A.G.C. Team Tournament Champion, and 2x Grapplers Quest Champion.
During his career, he observed trainers using cookie cutter workouts for all their clients, regardless of the individuals’ joint structure, range of motion, or ability to control movement. Dominick identified the need for improvement and began his quest to bring back the “personal” in personal training. Giving clients 100% client specific, custom individual exercise prescriptions.
In time, Dominick met two colleagues Tom Purvis and Greg Mack. Together, these professionals changed his outlook on how to evaluate and train clients. Tom Purvis is the founder of RTS (Resistance Training Specialist), the most advanced educational program in the world when it comes to the study and application of exercise mechanics. Greg Mack is the Founder of Physicians Fitness ( in Columbus, Ohio. His Muscle System Specialist Course and Process is truly revolutionary in the fitness industry. With the knowledge gained from these Educational Platforms, as well as others Dominick founded MotionMechanix to work with you to achieve all your health and fitness goals.